Vego – Whole Hazelnut Chocolate – 22 02 2018

I think I landed in heaven – this is delicious and if you are after a sweet hit got for it !  Anyone who likes nuts and chocolate would never guess this is Vegan.

This will be being bought again – but on  very rare occasions as it did not pass me by that it is a bit cheeky to think of it as chocolate as the number one ingredients is Sugar ( organic certified mind you !), easy to polish the whole bar off 150g = 886 calories – ouch!

Need to convince your chocoholic friend to go vegan and they wont miss out this one will do the trick ( unless they like real cacao in which case it wont ) , it reminds me a little of galaxy ish kind of style!

So in summary – great but beware it is of no nutritional value aside from spiking you with a SH*T load of sugar but it tastes damn good lol 🙂


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