MDS Finisher :-)

Much to the amazement of many I completed the 34th Marathon de Sables earlier this month – and I think for most of it had a smile on my face !!

250KM  of self sufficiency in the Sahara desert over a week across  sand, broken stone, moutains , dunes and wadi to name a few.

Sleeping on the floor, pooping in a bag  were in and among this challenge – not things most could imagine me doing.

I write still in a bit of shock myself that I mananged to complete this amazing feat despite my training which I took pretty seriously I knew there was every possibitly that my body might not hold up due to my injury history – that said now I know I can pretty much do anything if I put my mind to it.  It was not easy ( but I will come to that in a later post) but physically my body held up and I was so pleased when I crossed the finish line that I think I was pretty much speechless ( apologies Patrick Bauer )  I probably appeared underwhelmed – in fact it was the opposite and by the time I reached water collection I was starting to well up behind my sunglasses !

I did this in memory of my Nan and in aid of Jersey Hospice so I was very pleased to cross the line for those reasonsn too .


More to come in later posts about some of the stuff I learnt during this challenge which might be of interest.


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