Heinz Five Beanz – Taste Test

Baked Beans ( Heinz – must be Heinz!), always take me right back to childhood.  Dont get me wrong its not like we ahd them a lot but i remeber their sweetness with much fondness.

In the old days a full english always had to have baked beans ( but inb  apot on the side so as not to make everything go soogy – huge sin btw!).

Anway getting to the point I recently ate a tin of the traditonal beans cold right out the tin – yes I like them like that too !  Then i noticed these in the shop so obv being a much more sensible person ( yeah right ) I ought to give them a go.

I ahve to save i was surpirsed as having been used to having balked beans looking a certain way i was immediately put off by the fact they obv do not look the same.  However how wrong was I these are delicious.  I ate one pot on its own and a second one follwoed suit with some avocado and chilli on toast – again delcious.

In short I will be keeing these in the cupboard as a snack/ easy  meal.  thumbs up from me !  I would however prefer small tins as opposed to plastic pots !!!!



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