Greggs – Vegan Sausage Roll – 01 June 2019

So I finally got to try these wonders that people have been raving about for months.

A last minute trip to the UK and on landing at East Midlands airport late afternoon suddenly realising I hadn’t eaten all day I spotted a Greggs in the arrivals hall and decedent it was the perfect opportunity to give them a shot.

Aside from being a little on the anemic side I looked like a normal highly processed sausage roll and the taste was exactly as I recall a sausage roll of such esteem tasting. So I get it and I have to say you would have a hard job being able to tell the difference between that and the omni version.

Would I eat one again – probably not ! But not because it wasn’t any good just because I prefer to eat other things these days. Never say never though 🙂


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