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Castleroc – Monaco – 20th June 2019

Castleroc is a special place built in 1953 by the Bonafede family.

It is perched on “The Rock” in Monaco, it is just alongside the Prince’s Palace and to the other side stunning views of the horizon.

Away from the hustle and bustle opposite the palace it is the perfect spot for a drink ( which was all I had been for up until now) or some culinary delights – which they really were.

I loved the fact the waiter had a very English sense of humour- when asked if they could accommodate a vegan we joked about the fact I can only eat lettuce and ice cubes – I was brought a bucket of ice and offered larger once should the not fill me up !!

The waiter jokes aside was very knowledgable and understood the difference between vegan/plant based and vegetarian.

He suggested I had the stuffed vegetables to start and the salad with carrot dressing as a main course.

My fellow dinners opted for his started suggestion – a local dish – Barbajuan, a fritter style bite filled with ricotta and chard, I learnt it originated from Monaco. The name means Uncle John in Monegasque, it’s eaten in the national day the 19th November. They followed this with a whole salt baked sea bass and vegetables.

So aside from the great setting, amazing waiter the food ….

My starter was great the vegetables were stuffed and cooked perfectly – seasoned well and looked great too. The main was a tasty salas and the carrot dressing worked nicely with the fennel in the ribbon salad! I was happy to eat light as I knew we were eating dinner in a few hours – if this was your main meal take the option of a main portion ( I had 2 starter sizes ).

The other food – the little fritters came in baskets and smelt good. The bass was exceptionally well done – firstly because it looked as if it was cooked to perfection ( I was also told it was !), it came with ample gorgeous fresh vegetables , and thirdly the waiter had prepping it down to an art form- it was poetry in motion. ( having studied and then worked old school front of house it’s not as easy as he made it look !)

I would recommend this place to anyone and will definitely go back 

The Menu

Loved the waiters humour – my vegan meal 😉

My actual starter of stuffed vegetables – I loved every mouthful .

My ribbon salad for main.
The others had this local starter – little fritters with chard and ricotta. Aren’t they cute looking – mini crackers.
Silver service not often seen these days especially full prep at the table – this guy was definitely a pro !! Not the first bass he had de boned and played that’s for sure!

The view and seating – perfect !


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