Crazy Dessert Thing!

For those who may have wondered what happened to all the cooking – noth ing – i am just currently doing a lot less of it – or at least that you have not already seen as I am taking part in Marathon des Sables


It is a self sufficient  250km race across the Sahara dessert – not that I am racing, but I am planning to finish.


This is something I am doing in aid of Jersey Hoispice in memeory of my Nan.


The reason for lack of cooking is simply time – I am still working mental 60-70 hour weeks at my day job and getting in min 20k poer a day as training has really cut out any spare time i had 🙂  The thing is it is only temproary and for a really good cause – putting me right out my comfort zone.


I can share with you some of the stuff i thought Id never do over the next few weeks in order to try and prepare for this crazy dessert thing 🙂



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